About Coach Rob

Robert N. Smith- Instructor and Principle

    Robert comes to Historical European Marital Arts(HEMA) with 30+ years
of martial arts experience. He has been an avid student of modern
Sport Fencing for the past twenty years. He has placed consistently
among the top finishers locally, regionally and nationally. Not only did
Robert compete as a fencer howerever, he has also been a successful
coach with Westdale Fencing Club in Hamilton Ontario. During his
tenure there he assisted with the development of Athletes of all levels,
even enjoying the thrill of seeing a prior student go on to compete as an
Not to be confined to “the strip”, Robert’s passions for the sword arts
have driven him to achieve a black belt (shodan) in iaido (Muso Jikiden Eishin
Ryu), and finally to study German Longsword with Broken Plow
Western Martial Arts in Pittsburg, PA.
Always passionate about being a well rounded fighter Robert is also
ranked in both Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Aikido.




Tournament Results for Nickel City Longsword



IGX 2019                                      Gold Medal in Beginner Longsword: Garrett Adams 

                                                   Silver Medal in Beginner Longsword: Collin Mandris

                                                     Bronze Medal in Beginner Longsword: Keith Leung


BLOOD ON THE RIVER 2019           Gold Medal in Beginner Longsword: Garrett Adams

                                                       Silver Medal in Beginner Longsword Sebastian Cole 

                                               Bronze Medal in Open Longsword Kris Newton


STEEL CITY OPEN 2019                            Silver Medal in Open Sabre Robert N. Smith



       GREAT FIGHT NORTH 2019                               Gold in Broadsword Robert N. Smith


CLASH OF CLAYMORES 2019                                 Bronze Medal in Rookie Derek Guard



IGX 2018                                        Gold Medal in Beginner Longsword: Robert N. Smith


                                                     Elimination Round Fighters: Rob Heim, William Heide


Great Fight North 2018                            Second Place: Robert N. Smith


                                                                Fourth Place: Robert Heim


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